New Technology

Cisco / Tandberg Telepresence T3

The Telepresence T3 takes visual collaboration to a new level with distinguished qualities and features:

Immersive - feel as if you’re in the same room. The system, table, personal touch collaboration display and ceiling-mounted studio lighting add to the ultimate meeting experience. This system is suited for headquarter offices and larger spaces for six to nine people.

Simple - the touch collaboration display delivers high definition presentation capabilities and simple control built right into the table.

Access for Everyone - The boundaries of dissimilar networks, multi-vendor systems, inconsistent quality and functional complexity are eliminated so that colleagues, customers and partners can communicate with total ease. Standards-compliant technology makes it all happen.

Telepresence solutions are fully scalable and manageable. With the Telepresence Server, it doesn’t matter who you need to reach. Scale telepresence, HD and standard video systems into larger, interconnected conferences...all while maintaining the full telepresence experience.

Products Overview

Video Conferencing Room

Video conferencing allows groups to gather, present, and share naturally over distance, enabling productive conferences in a real time environment.

NuVel Technica distributes the most dependable, complete, and finest videoconferencing products available in the market. We can help you achieve the best experience with our high definition video conferencing, telepresence, and desktop conferencing platforms. Our goal is to offer customers high levels of videoconference experience.

Audio Conferencing Room

We understand that traditional conference calling is a thing of the past. Today’s audio conferencing technology enables highly sophisticated communication around the globe.

NuVel’s audioconference board rooms are designed to accommodate reliability, bring together large groups in to a particular atmosphere and provide access to a wide array of extendable features. Our systems can be relied upon and help you deliver the ultimate high definition audio conference experience.

Audio Visual Room

Audiovisual solutions is an important divisions of your trade, it can help you increase your communication and production proficiency.

NuVel Technica can offer a wide range of audiovisual peripherals and parts to satisfy your technical needs. We create solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, while taking in to consideration the low profile surroundings. Our systems are designed to provide your with the latest technology and a solution that is easy to manage and can fit to your business.

Product Categories

We can deliver an incorporated solution for the most effective way to build essential business interaction.

Corporate environments have changeable settings, from internal needs such as board meetings, executive videoconferences and corporate retreats, to external needs such as high profile events, private corporate parties, and marketing display aiming potential clients. NuVel Technica understands these necessities and can develop a custom result to provide any industry.

With your custom system features you can help to eliminate the time and cost of business travel, help people collaborate and correspond across organizations, and with videoconference solutions improve business efficiencies while improving internal growth.