Our Team

Our Consulting Team
Consulting is a very important phase of the project. With extensive industry knowledge in design applications, we work very closely with our clients to create a comfortable environment in which they become part of the process to create a simple system solution.

Our Management Team
We have acquired an experienced team of industry leaders who understands the market, our customers, and have the business knowledge to help us run a successful customer oriented audiovisual company.

Our Technical Team
Our technological panel is a group of individuals who are competitive industry leaders. We provide you with the audiovisual experts and engineers that have the in depth knowledge, field experience, and the resources to take your visualization in to reality.

A Few Words About Us

NuVel Technica is one of the leading experts in the most advanced audiovisual technologies, we implement expertise into value for our customers through our services provided.

We offer outstanding, reliable technology to our valuable clientele.
Let us help you design, integrate, and service a system for your business that will supply you with a competitive advantage.

The NuVel History...

Since the development of our company, NuVel Technica has built a strong reputation for our superiority in the audiovisual industry.

Our first challenge was to incorporate a powerful infrastructure, with the dedication of our company to reflect customer service, a highly technical team and a growth approach strategy; we have seen NuVel Technica expand to the enfuring business we direct today.

Out knowledgeable personnel comes from a well respected audiovisual communication market, with years of experience we have come together to deliver fast, reliable, and cost effective solutions.

Why Choose Us

NuVel Technica is focused on the commercial and residential markets.

We specialize in audiovisual solutions, our moto has always been cutting edge technology, allowing NuVel Technica to provide full service and support to our clients. We take pride in providing labor of the best quality, paying enormous attention to detail and striving to meet the clients needs, with systems that are efficient, clean and simple to operate.

The experience our technical team provides is unique in the industry, we guarantee it.