NuVel Technica provides different services from simple AV desing to the integration and maintenance of complex audiovisual technologies....

Welcome to our world where you can find the perfect audiovisual system to increases your company’s productivity, a cost effective solution that will satisfy your technical needs in a professional experience.

Solutions Overview

Our team can provide you with a range of support options for your audiovisual networking project, while minimizing the cost of your important process....

NuVel Technica will help you bring audiovisual networking solutions to your industry, let us assist you to build a reliable management plan with the expertise this company offers.

Services Overview

We provide a wide range of alternatives to aid your decision making overview of our systems and incorporate them in to your industry. At NuVel Technica we provide our customers with a complete list of services to work around your budget, we ensure that you receive the best support in the industry with our group of certified professionals.

Audiovisual News

Making Digital Signage Stand Out "

Digital signage is all grown up. In a short time, it has proven to be an effective, pervasive AV medium for communicating information, influencing behavior and showcasing brands. So how can digital signage be better? "It's all about engaging the viewer and motivating them to take the action," says one expert. This InfoComm special report offers ideas.

Info Comm - 03/2015
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